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г. Тверь, ул. Советская, д. 11
‎+7 (4822) 36-10-76

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TVER, leader and winner city

Since the time of its foundation for almost nine centuries Tver has been and remains a reliable buttress of the Russian statehood, a stronghold of the Russian army, a center of commerce and industry and a concentration of pearls of architecture and spiritual pillars because it has been the first to take the first step towards creative and military victories in many aspects. For merits to the Fatherland Tver was decorated with the title of "City of military glory" on November 4 of 2010. Everything possible is being done now to retain the advanced positions of the capital city of the Upper Volga region and, figuratively speaking, to build bridges to the future to enable Tver to keep pace with time and to keep winning.